Attached At The Hip: Why This Should Be a HUGE deal for you and your relationships

This is good stuff.

Attachment is massive. It isn’t unique to humans, either. We see it all over the animal species in how babies relate to their mom, to their siblings and how spouses relate to one another.

Watch this video and learn all about why it’s so important, what’s the #1 thing you need to know about attachment and what does healthy attachment look like.

Go on, you’re going to love it.

Watch it, here


The #1 Symptom of Codependency (it’s not what you think)

In my previous blog post Learning how to Stand Back Up, Again: How to fight your inner demons  I laid out the 5 core symptoms of codependency as organized by Pia Mellody in her work, Facing Codependency.  While there are several books on the topic, the way in which Pia approaches codependency is palatable and comprehensive in how she puts “flesh” on the issue in all types of settings and relationships. In short, Pia does an excellent job in showing you the myriad of ways codependency looks across all platforms. Whatever you thought codependency was before, this perspective will likely give you a much bigger picture and understanding of an extremely common issue. Continue reading

Learning To Stand Back Up, Again: How To Fight Your Inner Demons

“The secret to your recovery is to learn to embrace your own history. Look at it, become aware of it, and experience your feelings about the less-than-nurturing events of your past. Because if you don’t, the issues from your history will be held in minimization, denial and delusion and truly be behind you as demons you are not aware of. And this situation will continue to make you miserable through your own dysfunctional behaviors….hug your demons or they will bite you in the ass. If you do not embrace what is dysfunctional, you are doomed to repeat it and stay in the pain.”  P. Mellody.

“That’s just it,” she said. “I know I’m in this crazy cycle of dysfunction, I’m just not sure I’m ready to go through all the pain that I know will be required to get out of it.”

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