Saturday Science: There might be something to that whole mind-body connection, thing

“To have a healthy brain and mind, you need a healthy gut,” neuroscientist John Cryan recently preached to an audience as mentioned in Psychology Today’s August 2015 issue. “Cultivating the right bacteria, accumulating evidence suggests, may prevent and even reverse symptoms of disorders ranging from autism to stress reactivity.”
Cryan hails from the University College Cork in Ireland and firmly believes in the direct connection between the mind and the gut. “He and colleagues have recently found that animals born by cesarean section, and not exposed to the microbes accompanying vaginal burth, later had more symptoms of anxiety and depression than animals born naturally.”

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It’s not all in your head: Could Inflammation be a precursor to developing depression?

Researcher’s are working hard to nail down the hypothesis that inflammation and depression are intricately linked together. Research began to develop in the early 1990’s but little else has been done to solve the riddle.
Until now.

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