Attached At The Hip: Why This Should Be a HUGE deal for you and your relationships

This is good stuff.

Attachment is massive. It isn’t unique to humans, either. We see it all over the animal species in how babies relate to their mom, to their siblings and how spouses relate to one another.

Watch this video and learn all about why it’s so important, what’s the #1 thing you need to know about attachment and what does healthy attachment look like.

Go on, you’re going to love it.

Watch it, here


How Trauma Affects The Brain (this is crazy)

I just shot a quick piece on trauma and the brain. This is crazy stuff. The ways our brain works is so stinkin’ complex and we’re still discovering new things about it every day.

Anyways, this is powerful knowledge and I want you, yes, you, to have this in your tool belt. No, you’re not crazy. Everything we do has an origination. In other words, it comes out of your story.

I couldn’t get into too much detail but consider this video installment #1. Check it out, shoot me any questions and share it, if you think your friends could benefit.

As always, thankful for you!

Watch the Video, HERE

The Final One: Everything in Moderation

“My experience leads me to believe that operating in extremes may come from at least two situations and perhaps more. One is observing and reacting to the behavior of the caregivers who operate in extremes. The other is from the experience of “not being heard” or feeling invisible in the family of origin.” Pia Mellody in Facing Codependency

If lacking boundaries or not knowing what we need and/or want was not enough of an indicator that codependency might be present, cue core symptom #5. Difficulty experiencing and expressing our reality in moderation.

The ability to moderately know what we are feeling, how to express it even how we behave is difficult. This key symptom affects our body, our thinking, our feelings and our behavior. It affects every aspect of our reality.

Let me show you what I’m talking about.

—-If you’d prefer to watch the video that accompanies this post, watch it HERE

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Core Symptom #4: This is why you’re so needy…

“Don’t you have a magic pill or something?” she laughs and then…stops.  This is a person who doesn’t want to feel “this” anymore. She’s been hurt by the ones who were suppose to love and protect her. She is so disconnected from her own needs, wants and emotions as a result of being abused, denied, and neglected.

It’s hard enough to know our own needs and then, on top of that, to find safe people to help us meet them. Especially when all we’ve ever known is abuse, ridicule, hate and shame.

How do we overcome it and, as Brene Brown shares, show up and be seen authentically with our whole hearts?

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