Screen Addiction: Killing Our Children, Softly

It is unprecedented how much “screen time” our children have. Perhaps for recreational fun. More likely, though, if we’re being honest, electronic devices used in the name of  “entertaining my kids” or “the babysitter.” At what cost, though?

The New York Times wrote a compelling piece some time ago titled, “Screen Addiction is Taking a Toll on Children.” The Chinese have already attributed this type of addiction as a clinical disorder while we, in the United States, seem to treat it more as a vice than an addiction.

In short, the adolescent is extremely vulnerable and when subjected to copious amounts of screen time that is without boundaries and limits, it has serious consequences on brain development.

If your child is spending unstructured time in front of a screen, consider putting a boundary around it. Your lack of presence in the realm of social media and electronics is telling of your parenting position. You can change and by doing so will send a message that you are invested in this process with your child and your care about their developmental be it socially, emotionally and physically.

Read the Full Article, Here

Olivia specializes in helping adolescent’s unlock their true potential. Often times, it is hidden behind a mask of anxiety, anger, shame, trauma and addiction. These struggles breed in isolation. Help your child by shining a light and getting help. Set up an appointment with Olivia, here


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