It’s not all in your head: Could Inflammation be a precursor to developing depression?

Researcher’s are working hard to nail down the hypothesis that inflammation and depression are intricately linked together. Research began to develop in the early 1990’s but little else has been done to solve the riddle.
Until now.

While there have been some marked studies, they still fail to show if people are actually getting better when the inflammation is blocked. At this point, the studies are showing a major connection between depression and inflammation but little else is certain beyond this. Researcher’s are safe in saying that while stress predisposes someone to depression, inflammation predisposes one to it, as well.
“is inflammation the horse or the cart, a cause or effect of depression? Or does it simply signify some more fundamental malfunction?”
“In a study published earlier this year, Meyer’s research group announced that it had found such evidence, having used PET scans to show higher concentrations of translocator protein in the brains of depressed individuals compared to controls. This protein, he proposed, reflects the activation of microglia brain cells that can, like white blood cells, release inflammatory chemicals. Increased activity was especially marked in brain regions linked to depression symptoms.”
Translated: inflammatory activity was found in the regions of the brain that are typically linked to depression.
This is 1 study. We need more.
Full Article: Depression, Dissected by Carl Sherman in Psychology Today //August 2015.

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