mind tracks

Have you ever had a day where as you lie in the liminal space between consciousness and unconsciousness thought, “maybe i’m just not enough.”

For most of us, we wouldn’t admit to audibly saying those things to ourselves. No. Of course not. I know I’m enough, are you kidding me? Look at me. I have friends. We go out and drink good wine. We laugh. I eat good food. My partner and I make love to one another…regularly. I have an awesome job. I’m skinny healthy.

Those are good things. Really good things. Blessings, even. Unfortunately, they all describe the external reality. They don’t get at the internal reality of what we say to ourselves on a daily, hourly, minute by minute basis…“you’re not good enough. you’re dumb. your work isn’t original. tons of other talented people are doing exactly what you’re doing. you’re deficient. don’t be courageous, you’ll fail. you’re a failure.”

These are the things that keep us down. That keep us from doing something extraordinary. From breaking free of our pain. From being promoted. From landing that dream job. From doing what our hearts have only dreamed of doing.

You are your biggest critic. Are you going to choose to keep playing those negative and divisive thoughts or are you going to do something different?

What would you want those tapes to play? Get it down, ink it.


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