New Group Class: Daring Greatly

I love group therapy. In my experience, it is less like traditional one-on-one therapy and more of an intentional space to learn and grow alongside others. With that, I have been truly amazed at the response that Brene Brown’s work “Daring Greatly” has received. To be honest, the content is quite gut-wrenching. I mean, she tackles the very essence of what most people struggle with–vulnerability. The receptivity of her work, though, is an indication of not only how important it is but how much we all struggle to be vulnerable in our own lives.

Our culture has taught us–ever so well– that to be “vulnerable” is to be weak. We can’t respect a man who openly cries in front of others. We can’t openly admit our addictions or struggles to others. It’s a sign of weakness. We do this with the hope that the “I-have-it-all-together” facade will help us climb the social and corporate ladders of life. We do this because vulnerability is too much of a risk.

What if, what if vulnerability is the greatest measurement of our courage? With over 12 years of research on shame, Brene Brown believes we have to walk through vulnerability in order to courageously love, live, and lead in our lives.

Join us on October 23, 2013 at 7pm at Open Doors Counseling as we seek to discover what this means and what this looks like for each of us as we walk through “Daring Greatly.” Please register by filling out the form below and providing us with your details so that we may be in touch prior to the first session. Really looking forward to journeying with you!

Due to the integrity of the group and to ensure confidentiality, this group is limited to 8 individuals. If the need arises, we will open up additional time slots. I’m offering an early bird registration of $30/per session or $240 for all 8 sessions if registered and paid by October 11. General registration ends October 18 and the fee increases to $40/per session. NOTE: All payments must be made prior to the beginning of each session.
Please mail check to Open Doors Counseling Center.



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